About Us:

The team started at one of the regional game jams called game Zanga at late 2014, back then the team consisted of Muhammad Abdul Fatah (Ezioo) as Game developer and Amir Suliman (ApollyonX) as Graphic Designer. From that point going forward we worked to improve our skills and 2 more member s joined us at this great adventure, Mohammed Abdalhamed (Gazawe) as level designer and 3D modeller and Mohammad Babikir (Backo) as a Writer and Sound Designer. We worked together to release our first game Desert Knight a simple 2D platformer for Web, followed by Oraion: The Rolling Ball on google play. At the beginning of 2017 the youtube channel “GameMaker بالعربي" mohamed mahgoub joined the team, together we worked on Mythril Kingdom a 2D top-down battle arena. Along side this small project there was mini projects such as Destery, Gold digger, The jewel, other game jams entries and a number of audio assets packs. Currently, we are working to build upon our foundation game development knowledge, soft and technical skills, before start a remake of Destery and hopefully many other adventures 2018 might bring.

Mythril Kingdom (Featured Game)

After the death of Amemarad the king of Mythril Kingdom his two champions, and heirs, Karii and Du'akar decide to fight to the death in
Galakitu Hill over the Mythril Kingdom throne.

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